beautifulmetamorphosis asked: Hello there! Oh wow, discovering your beautiful blog is like being transported into a fairytale... everything is so lovely! :) Hope you have a wonderful day! I love Monet too... just saw a few of his paintings at a museum in DC and I still marvel at his brushstrokes and use of colour. Who are some of your favourite musicians? <3

Hi! :) awwh thank you so so so much for the heartwarming message! This is one of the sweetest messages I have ever received here on tumblr! ^_^ I am so happy that one of my followers wants to get to know me better. I feel honored, thank you dear. I hope you have thee most lovely day too! Oh yes, Monet is enchanting! That must have been absolutely amazing to be able to see Monet’s painting in person! How wonderful!! To see one of Monet’s water lilies paintings in person is actually on my bucket list. :D  Oh I see that you love Skins, me too! Such great gifs and photos you have on your blog. I love Cassie also! She is by far my favorite character on Skins! So adorable. Thanks for the follow, I followed back. <3  Well when it comes to music, I pretty much love everything! It is very difficult for me to love just a few musicians, so I mostly just have a plethora of many favorite songs, who happen to be from all different musicians.  I love listening to anything classical like Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” or Pianist Brian Crain’s “Wind” or “Rain”. I also love anything dubstep, like Skrillex or UKF. Whenever I tell people I love dubstep, they always seem to be so surprised haha. :)  Some musicians I have found myself listening and relaxing to recently though is Jack Johnson, Regina Spektor, Coeur de Pirate, Alanis Morissette, hey ocean!, and oh so many more! At this very moment, I am listening to Natalie Walker’s “Waking Dream” 

Golly gee, sorry this response is as long as a novel. I could have went on for days sharing and telling about my favorite songs, musicians, and such. I have way too many, tehe :} Thanks again darlin! <3  

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